Advice for the community

Fainbow is a global community, and we are committed to creating an environment where diversity and inclusion take place. We are interested in having users who behave as they should and who treat others in a respectful way. We are not interested in those who discriminate against others, who sow hatred or who engage in other toxic behaviors. These guidelines will allow you to express yourself freely and will help us to maintain the safe, authentic and accepting environment we aspire to have. Any breach of these guidelines may result in the removal of prohibited content or the permanent ban in Fainbow.


Treat other Fainbow users with respect.

We have a policy of zero tolerance regarding discrimination, harassment and abusive behavior. We want you to be yourself, but not at the expense of another person. Any individual who harasses, threatens or defames a user will be prohibited.

Likewise, all discriminatory declarations will be removed from the profiles. You are free to express your preferences, but we want you to tell us what interests you, not what you do not care about.

If you see that someone violates the rules, report it. To do this, use the button [lock icon / Email:], located in the upper right corner of the profile, and we will take care of the matter. It is also possible that you will encounter people in the application who annoy you or offend you without necessarily breaking the guidelines. In that case, we recommend you use the lock function, which will prevent both of you from seeing each other and having contact in the future.


Prioritize security.

Your security, both online and offline, is important to us. We recommend you read the safety tips and stay informed.

Fainbow will never ask you for personal information, such as your password or credit card information (unless it is necessary to purchase an extra service). We love knowing you, but keep the privacy of this information to protect you.

For security purposes, we will also remove all confidential personal information that is displayed publicly, for example, telephone numbers and addresses. The profiles that show this information may be prohibited.

Make sure your photographs are adequate so that anyone can see them.

We try to make the guidelines as transparent as possible, so that your photography is approved quickly and you can start connecting with other people.

The following is not allowed:

• Nudity and pornography (issues of cuts: if it seems that you have no clothes on, the photograph will not be approved)

• Toys and acts of a sexual nature (real or simulated)

• Underwear shots

• Forms or contours that show the genitals through clothing

• Crotch shots from any angle (anterior, posterior or lateral)

• Emoji or graphic text about sexual acts


We allow photographs in which the person appears in a bathing suit, in the appropriate context. Because some swimsuits may look like underwear, we request that these types of photographs be taken outdoors (on the beach, next to a swimming pool, etc.).


Obey the law.

Seriously; If something is illegal offline, do not do it in Fainbow. Mentions and photographs (including emojis) of drugs and their paraphernalia are not allowed.

Profiles in which sexual services are promoted (including massage or escort services) will be prohibited.

Photographs and mentions of violence and weapons will be eliminated.

Children under 18 are not allowed to interact in Fainbow. Use the application tool to report underage users who may be using the application improperly.


Be authentic.

Be yourself in the application, not someone you are not. All profiles of people posing as others, including famous people, will be banned. If you think someone is supplanting your identity or that of a person you know, report the case in the application.

Photographs and illustrations protected by copyright will be deleted. Likewise, advertising in user profiles is strictly prohibited.

Junk mail is also prohibited. Attempting to obtain a user’s personal information or encouraging users to visit external links will result in their profile becoming banned in Fainbow immediately.

Have fun, socialize and take advantage of this opportunity to meet wonderful people from around the world to enrich your lives a little more.

Finally, do not overdo it: these sensible guidelines exist so that Fainbow is a safe, authentic and pleasant space for everyone. If you have doubts, behave well and there will be no problems.

Keep connecting.

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